About Us

Starting from a consulting bureau established in 1975 under the name of the

"PHENOMENA" We are one of the pioneer of psychology asessment bureau in Indonesia.

Over the years we continuously improve our competencies and develop our services following the latest trend and tools.

We also recruting new associates With the joining of new senior practitioners and academics

in the field of human resource development, Education and corporate management we are

developing into HR management consultants and communication consultants under the

name of PHN Consulting.

PHN Consulting is committed to providing the

best comprehensive services in HR management and educational in Indonesia.

Corporate Services

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This service is designed to fulfill the need to measure the abilities of

someone who will placed as a new employee or being promoted to managerial position

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This program aims to determine the potential for an individual in intelligence interests and personality

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Human resource development program

for employee and staff as an added value so they can provide competitive advantage for company

Educational Services

Psychological Evaluation

intelligence potential test

Aims to measure the level of intelligence or the intellectual potential of the child along with aspects that influence achievement Study. Through this test we can understand the child's strengths and weaknesses, so you can take steps necessary treatment

Interest and talent test

This service aims to identify interests and the potential of students to enter educational institution or specific field of study. Generally given to candidates

high school/vocational school students and prospective students

Educational Services

Asessment Test For Prospective Student Kindergarten, Junior High, High School to College

School Readiness/Maturity Test

This test is intended for kindergarten students who will continue their education to elementary school. This test is purposeful to determine the level of maturity of students' attitudes and mentality kindergarten to attend school basics, as well as potential intelligence.

Test for Prospective School Students and College Students

The aim is to find out intelligence potential, how to learn and also the personal profile of prospective students. In addition to know as well as their interests and talents, in order to determine the choice of major or field of study to be taken.

Educational Services

Evaluation of test result guidance and counseling

explanation of the results of the psychological evaluation and follow-up plans to parents, students and Teacher. This explanation can be given in a way of mass or individually,online or offline. Counseling for parents to understand the problematic of their children and to hinder the learning process problem that may arise.

And Student can also be given counseling to help them overcome those problems both from the aspect of motivation, method of learning and internal or social problems that may exist.

counseling services for teachers, which aims to help them identify the specific problem

faced by students and steps treatment that can be taken.

Our Team

Our team of psychologist and consultants with years of valuable experiences are ready to give the best services and advise.

Dra. Bina Dwarawti, M.Si, Psychologist

A senior psychologist who graduated from Soegijapranata University has more than 25 years of experience in the field of human resources at several national private companies. She is also active in teaching as a lecturer at a private university in Jakarta

Drs. Andreas Imawanto, MM, Psychologist

A psychologist and senior consultant, he has more than 25 years of experience in the organizational field. So far, he has handled a lot of assessment, training and development of both national and multinational organizations. He is a certified and organizational development practitioner

Berikut adalah daftar dari beberapa client kami dari berbagai macm industry

Client List

  • Bank Bukopin Bank DP Taspen
  • Bank Maspion
  • Bank Metro Ekspress
  • Bank NISP
  • Bank BNI Syariah
  • BPR Perdana
  • Biro Oktroy Rooseno
  • Bringin Life
  • Persatuan Gereja Indonesia (PGI)
  • Persatuan Sepak Bola Indonesia (PSSI)
  • PT. Nestle Indonesia
  • PT. Adis Dimension Footwear
  • PT. AJ Bringin Life
  • PT. Akzo Nobel
  • PT. Alcon Representative
  • PT. Arnott’s Indonesia
  • PT. Askes (Persero)
  • PT. Astra Graphia

  • BPT. Duta Paramindo
  • PT. Gold Coin
  • PT. Harum Energy Tbk.
  • PT. Ichikoh Indonesia
  • PT. Indopharma
  • PT. Interbat
  • PT. Intisar Primula
  • PT. Jibuhin Bakrie Indonesia
  • PT. Johnson & Johnson Indonesia
  • PT. Kimia Farma
  • PT. Kobelindo Compressors
  • PT. Kobexindo Tractors
  • PT. Kramayudha Tiga Berlian
  • PT. Lasmo
  • PT. MSM Consultant
  • PT. Medifarma
  • PT. Metropolitan Autoindo
  • PT. Midas Oil
  • PT. Multitron Autama
  • PT. Nestle Distribution
  • PT. New Zealand Milk

  • PT. Roche Indonesia
  • PT. SC Johnson & Son Indonesia
  • PT. Schcott Igar Glass
  • PT. Sentra Info Bisnis Konsultama
  • PT. Sinde Budi Sentosa
  • PT. Surveyor Indonesia
  • PT. Surya Dermato Medika
  • PT. Swakarsa Sinar Sentosa
  • PT. Tanito Harum
  • PT. Taspen
  • PT. Tira Austenite Tbk.
  • PT. Trikomsel
  • PT. Tugu Reasuransi Indonesia
  • PT. URS Services Indonesia
  • PT. Yamaha Motor Indonesia

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